ynnhoj dot net

Well howdy!

And welcome to my website thing-y.

You might find some interesting things to read here! Or you might not :(

Over the years I have tried to maintain a blog, and for a while I was doing a pretty good job of it. I had a blog at wordpress.com for a while in 2008, and then I sort of continued blogging for a bit at Blogger. And then I decided I'd roll my own, and have gone through my different designs and things at this very website. I'm always changing the way I build my site, and I periodically lose content when I get too lazy to move old pages and posts from the old format to the new format. When will I ever stop tinkering? Probably never, though the frequency at which I totally mess up this website is getting less and less, uh... frequent?

Now I write blog sort of posts - though not all that regularly - on my Google+ page. It's all shared publicly, so feel free to check it out. I'm also supposed to post pictures there, but that would require me to actually take pictures! Did I mention I'm lazy? There are some photos, and every so often I'll add a few more.

Any other random things I feel compelled to write about, you can find on this site in the menu floating up there (top right).